Socialist Alternative strikes ineffectively, again.

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It’s just that blogging doesn’t come to me naturally. I have to be in the right mood for it. Ir should I editorialize and say the write mood for it.

Yeah that was bad. But I won’t apologize because bad puns do happen, and will happen again.

Anyway, Today I’m pissed about two things. The first one is: Civ 5 not starting the correct length game (Marathon) after the latest patch. That however in the grand scheme is a minor issue. The other is encountering Socialist Alternative in the streets and the thorough intellectual beat down I was forced to issue (Which may or may not involved the Chair Leg of Truth).

Pictured: The Chair leg of Truth

Now for those of you playing at home, you might be interested to know that I was in fact once part of the great socialist movement.


… From 16 – 19. It wasn’t my finest hour. These days after researching everything, I came to the conclusion that although Capitalism is not perfect, the economic stagnation that Communism inevitably brings (And trust me. Command Economies cannot work unless the supply and demand remains static) was … undesirable.

Now, during my brief encounters with my former comrades (This is subjective, they have a higher turnover than your averages sales position in an overseas call centre) I normally just say “Ex-Member” Believing that this should give me an automatic out. This doesn’t work. Maybe I should lie and say I was kicked out for not towing the party line. Or tell them how for all their vaunted high ideals, that they have kicked out people who went that extra step and did something.

Which leads me to the beat down I was forced to issue. Upon saying that I wasn’t convinced that Mandatory Detention was racist, I was pronounced a racist and walked away from and told that it wasn’t surprising I wasn’t in SA anymore.  Which…. is not exactly how I would of done it.

So, I went and clarified with this young man, and in turn we went into a detailed conversation (Read: he said statistics and didn’t back them up) Of which the highlights were:

  • Me telling him that just because I wasn’t convinced didn’t make me a racist
  • Him Saying that mandatory was immediately obvious to be racist
  • Him Advising that he has limited time and resources and can’t discuss abstract politics
  • Me advising that, well If you’re not wiling to have these conversations, then he would not be fulfilling the  short term and long term goal of building a revolutionary party:
  • QED: Without engaging the population, you will fail
Hilariously, this is the problem that the Bolsheviks had way back in the day, where they would proselytize their message to the unwilling Proletariat and be shunned for it. The more I observe the so called revolutionary movement, and watch as they have achieved none of their major goals (Stop the war in Afghanistan, Stop the war in Iraq, Stop Mandatory detention) I realize that they are unable to connect with anyone outside a small section of the intelligentsia.
It wasn’t until the Bolsheviks campaigned “Peace Land and Bread” that they were able to connect with the populace en masse and take power. This simple slogan is in fact to keep power all over the world. Since we already have that, I can’t see Socialist Alternative being anything that an occasional annoyance on Swanston Street.


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I am going to clean the oven, get my iPad and settle in for some serious writing with iAwriter for iPad. (Can’t recommend it enough. It’s clean and without fuzzy distractions I wrote several pages without thinking the other night)

I am also going to attempt to find out why my Mac thinks I’m right clicking when I’m not. I suspect a keyboard malfunction which will mean repair time. Ok, Last time it was due in for repair I just hooked up a bluetooth keyboard and have been using that for over a year (Bluetooth Keyboard: $100, Potential Actual Repair Bill: $500)

Anddddd I’m broke. I love saving. Its more exciting than spending.

Question of the Day: Why are Governments all over the planet cutting costs instead of raping bankers with unlubricated metal hooks?

Europe Baby, Europe.

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So I’mm planning a Europe Trip and unfortunately it seems that my geographical location means it’ll make a fuckton more sense to do things another way than what I’d planned.

I’d meant to go to Berlin -> Prague -> Paris -> London -> New York -> San Fran and then Home again to Melbourne.

Unfortunately everything seems to land in London first and then do a connecting flight to Europe. Which means I’ll need to a) go to a travel agent and see if there is some alternative
or b) Do London first.

Not sure. I’ve had this big idea of where to go first, and I’ve been writing up lists of what I might want to do and I really want to do Berlin first, but if it doesn’t make economical sense, my hands are tied (Take that Greece!).



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I have a photosniper kit. It’s probably the coolest thing I own. For some strange reason everyone takes a look at it and thinks its some sort of Soviet Spy Camera. Lemme tell you this: It’s not the case. It’s probably the most conspicuous item on the face of the planet. It looks like a gun.

Anyway: Have a picture:

Ah, this is totally glorious

Also, If anyone has any copies of an NKVD reports – I’d totally dig on a copy for an art project.

Kind Regards,


I have fibromyalgia.

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For those of you not in the know about Fibro, it’s a chronic pain condition? is that the right word? I don’t know. But it certainly clears up a lot of things that have been going on.

I had no idea that other people don’t get weird pain twinges. Although I have to say that whats been going on lately with my memory and ability to learn/retain and then I get stuck trying to think things. Its happening now. Its unpredictable and its really frustrating.

for more information, observe me for a while.

On the upside, I live in the moment, mainly because I don’t have a choice.


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A question that often worms its way through my mind is “who am I?” which is about as useful of a question as “What was your name before you were born?” And the only answer I can ever come up with is that Self is loosely connected aspects.

The aspects of self are far easier to define but refuse to be woven into this complete work of art known as self.

Perhaps Self is an ideal something to work for. Undoubtably I know more about my self than I did a few years ago, but Self is not a constant, even if I am to figure out who I was a few years ago I still have no idea who I am today. And I wonder if I broke Self into pieces on purpose so as to tap into those aspects and actually be able to comprehend situations in a way that weren’t uncomfortable.

But now I cannot draw on the strengths of the complete picture and I feel disjointed as if waiting for an event that will forge me together and make me whole.

I don’t know. Maybe all of this is unachievable. the certainties have never existed. Perhaps Reality is just a history of my own changing perceptions.

Each of those above sentences seemed fluid at the time when I wrote them but if they come across as some sort of mutated iambic pentameter, I think you get the place where I am at the moment.

To Write, or not to write.

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I’m trying to gain the motivation to start writing my book again. It’s a good one and a lot of people knopw about it already. chances are if you’re reading this I’ve already given you the synopsis.

I am still debating whether to try and make it into a fully fledged book OR if I should tyry the comic route which requires a deep level of collaboration. I’ve never done either and this is pretty much the best idea I’ve ever had.